Orton, Jerico, Roman……Brock….. Welp, I’m dead. lol

Cena, Dean, AJ and Cesaro. *nods in agreement* Me like it.

Partner: Seth, Manager: Seth, Best friend: Jericho <3, Enemy: Bray

I’m happy with this, honestly.

Partner: Dolph Ziggler

Manager: Cena (why)

Best Friend: AJ (double why?!!!)

Enemy: Undertaker

Partner: Chris Jericho.

Manager: Dean Ambrose. Yaas girl.

Best friend: Wade Barrett. OMFG. *FAINTS*

Enemy: Daniel Bryan.

Partner: Seth

Manager: Stephanie (YASS)

Best Friend: Bad News Barrett 

Enemy: The Undertaker. 

Partner: Jericho (YAY! JERRYCURL)

Manager: Dean Ambrose (*Fangirl screaming*)

Best Friend: Paige (hopefully friends with benefits *wink wink*)

Enemy: Brock Lesnar (well I’m dead)

Partner: Dean 😍
Manager: Jericho (OOOHHH YAY)
Best Friend: Adam Rose (FUCK YES)
Enemy: Fandango

Partner: Seth
Manager: Paul
Friend: Stardust
Enemy: Dean
hell yeah hell yeah

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@ladygaga: Get ready for my exclusive interview with BreatheHeavy.com Talk to you soon Jordan@breatheheavycom

@ladygaga: #HausWork getting cheeky during makeup! Leaving Amsterdam, can’t wait to see the fans outside hotel!

@ladygaga: Almost ready. Just time to choose which girl I’m wearing today. Italian Curls? I think yes. I feel best singing jazz with that hair. So free.

@ladygaga: Chose my dress for the day! With a big thumbs up from Bobby Campbell my manager. Side by side, every minute. He’s my teammate!

@ladygaga: Almost ready! I love getting dressing up nice for my fans, to show them how much I love them. They’ve been waiting outside hotel for 3 days! ❤️

@ladygaga: All ready to say farewell to The Dam! #JazzPunk can’t wait to 💋u monsters

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Every time I take thw bus downtown we go through the ghetto and there’s like three bbq shacks we pass and my blackness just screams at me “GET OFF HE BUS AND GET THAT SHIT YOU DUMBASS”